Vendor Friends

So at this point, due to Coronavirus/Covid-19, things are looking a bit grim for a lot of small/micro businesses that earn their living at the sorts of events that are being cancelled left right and center. A lot of my friends fall into this category (while for me, selling the deck is more my side hustle). I want to try and help them recoup at least some of their lost business, and so I present to you a list of some of the finest artists and artisans it’s my pleasure to know. Check them out and buy something with all that money you’re not spending on gas right now!

Also, check back, as I keep adding names to this list!

  • Tormented Artifacts: maker of fine leather goods. From pouches to masks to full sets of armor; for the bedroom and for the club, they’ve got what you need to make an impression.
  • Junebug & Co Bespoke Soaps: maker of fine smelling personal products, from soap, to perfume, to bath oils, to balms, and more!
  • The Gilded Quill: Magical, Fairy, Pagan & Wiccan Supply. Wands, lore, quills & ink, and other magical doodads and trinkets–even dirt from the real Bran Castle in Transylvania!
  • Braden Duncan’s Clockwork Art: I met her when she was selling Steampunk art, but she does so much more–lovely watercolors, often with adorable animal subjects!
  • Drea D.: Casually Threatening Illustrations: I can’t sum up her site any better than she can: “Maker of curious prints creator of card box sets and purveyor of dark humor greeting cards cordially invites you to explore her strange & unusual lair. Wander through the shadows, revel in the geekery, and delight in the secrets you find!”
  • Aimee Stewart: My favorite artist I’ll be sorry to miss this season. Maker of amazing photo-manipulated works of vividly colored art. Words can’t do them justice–just click the link!
  • Jeff Sturgeon: maker of awe-inspiring metallic space art. As in, art made on sheets of actual metal. Another artist you just have to see to believe!
  • Echo Chernik: CAUTION NUDITY! Another artist I met while running the art show at Steamcon. Her pieces are a bit risque–oh, who am I kidding, she does lovely painted nudes in the art nouveau style, often with a fun theme like “dessert flavors.” If any of that sounds even remotely interesting, click that link!
  • Catalyst Studios: Maker of weird 3d and 2d art for the last 20 years, including skull replicas, and artifacts & prints (which include even more skulls).
  • TM Originals: at shows she sells handmade jewelry, but she’s also branched out into fun prints, which you can find at her Redbubble store!
  • Bookgrain: Artisan Handmade Wooden Journals & Guestbooks (although he also makes books bound in leather, not just wood!).
  • Sinister Metalwork: Accessories fit for a King or Queen! Spectacular metal crowns and bracers.
  • Honeck Sculptures: fantastic brass sculptures, doorbells, canes, and more!