This is the new and improved homepage for the Tarot of Brass & Steam–gone are the handcrafted HTML pages, replaced by something much easier to update!

The Tarot of Brass & Steam is a Steampunk tarot deck, set in an alternate 19th century where advanced steam-powered and clockwork technology has transformed the globe. The Magician Nikola Tesla triumphed in his bargain with the Devil Thomas Edison, and as a result his genius was allowed to flourish. In addition to these two luminaries, the deck covers locations and peoples from all over the world–from Africa to Asia, to the Old Country and the New World.

After almost 8 years of development, which included the work of 4 amazing artists, the deck and its illustrated guide book were finally published in the summer of 2018. Check out the Gallery to see the cards, and go to the Shop if you want to buy a copy!